The Most Common Online Dating Mistakes Guys Make

Are you a man trying to find love on an online dating site? Are you experiencing some difficulties connecting to the single ladies you see on the site? If this is how you feel, there is a strong possibility you’re making some of the most common online dating mistakes guys make.

If you want to stop being the guy that gets turned down over and over again, here is what you need to STOP doing:

Stop Sending Generic Text Messages

Men who only send messages that clearly say they have put no thought into the conversation they’re hoping to start – don’t really sweep the ladies off their feet.

Ask a question that shows her you want to know more about her. Send a message that expresses your interest in her, and please don’t just say: “Hi” and wait for a response.

Be creative, women like to have fun texting!

Stop Posting Photos With Random Women Next to You

If there is a woman in your photos, you won’t look available. In case there is a special woman in your life, why on Earth are you on a dating site?

There are also those men (we all know a few of them) who post photos with various women by their side. You will see lots and lots of women all over their photos. If guys think this is attractive to girls who are looking for a date, they should think again.

Don’t Act Like a Woman Owes You A Reply

Just because you’ve sent the message doesn’t mean you are entitled to a reply. She doesn’t HAVE TO answer your message. She has all the rights not to find it interesting and to just move along. So should you – move along.

Stop Being Illiterate

Spelling really counts – it really, really does. If you don’t use proper grammar when texting a woman on an online dating site, you will come off as sloppy and careless. Not attractive.

Stop Messaging Women Who Don’t Respond Your Messages

There is no point in messaging a woman again and again, and again. If she didn’t answer your first message or the second one, this will just tell you that she isn’t interested in you. Just let it go. We are all busy and our lives are moving at a fast pace but if we want to talk to someone- we will find the time to talk to them. No need to get creepy on a lady because she doesn’t want to talk to you. Move along gracefully.


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