6 Reasons To Date a Farmer

While we all know dating a farmer can be challenging, especially for city girls, but there are also some benefits involved. This perfect mixture of benefits can’t be found with any other man than a good old farmer.

Let’s take a look at 6 legit reasons to date a farmer:

The strength

When a man spends 16 hours a day working hard on a field, you can bet he is as strong as they come. No matter if he spends 10 hours on a tractor or taking care of livestock, this man has to have a strong body and he has to be able to last through a hard working day. This means farmers are in great condition – they have to be.

The tenderness

Many farmers take the good old fashion values as a way of life. They will be gentle and respectful towards their women, but if you need him to treat you as his equal, he wouldn’t have a problem with that, either. Farmers come from a long line of farming families, and they’ve seen their mothers, cousins and aunts work as hard as their man do. A farmer knows how strong a woman can be, but at the same time, he knows how to treat a lady.

The commitment

Unlike a majority of guys nowadays, farmers aren’t terrified of commitment. In fact, they would love to put down roots. Every farmer is most probably already based somewhere with long term plans on staying there. All they need is you to join them, and they would be happy to settle with you.

The brains

Farmers are in fact small business owners in a way. Running a farm takes planning and always keeping it together, looking for the best way to success. For you, it might look stressful, but for him, it’s the way he lives his life: always in control and always aware of everything.

The knowledge

When dating a farmer, you will learn something new every day, literally. They are a true wealth of knowledge, and they know so much about all sorts of things you never even though about before: the history of the land, crops, plants, vehicles… They know it all, and they don’t brag – they just talk, because they have so much to talk about.

Great with directions

Farmers know how to get anywhere. They are great with directions and with a farmer on your hand, you won’t ever get lost. If a road is closed, you can bet your farmer knows all the back roads and dirt roads so they will take you anywhere you want to go.


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