How To Have An Awesome First Date With A Country Girl

Taking a girl out to a dinner and a movie seems like the usual first date idea, but if you want to amaze a country girl, you should try to be more creative. If you don’t live anywhere large Metropolis areas, having a creative first date might seem challenging, but it really doesn’t have to be that tricky. There are many places you can take a farm girl at, and make her feel amazing. It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant under the sparkly city lights – you can sweep a farm girl off her feet under the starlight, as well. You just need to prepare and put some effort into thinking about what she would like, make sure she has fun, and the rest is up to your amazing personality.

So, here are several ideas for an amazing first date with a farm girl:

Take her stargazing

Organize a date out in the open, under the starlight. Grab a blanket, fill a thermos with something warm and sweet, and heat out to a romantic evening. She is going to love it. If you had a constellation map, that would be even better.

Take her on a boat ride, or a Ferry Ride

If there’s no Ferry available in your area, any recreational boat will do. Grab some snacks and enjoy yourselves. There is nothing more romantic than taking your date out in a boat, with the sounds of water splashing around you, and nothing but starlight above you.

Go hiking

You don’t necessarily have to get all sweaty and hike for hours, but taking your date out to some gorgeous scenery and taking long, romantic walks is always a good idea. Remember, hiking is walking, it’s not an extreme sport and both of you can still look all dolled-up while being moderately active.

Go swimming

If you want to have the first date on a hot summer day, meet up in the afternoon and find a gorgeous looking body of water. Splash around, enjoy some sunbathing, bring refreshing drinks with you, and a basket filled with sandwiches. Your date is going to be thrilled.

Countryside drives

This is probably the simplest idea for a date with a farm girl, and yet I am quite positive she would love it. There is no weird bill paying involved, just you, your car and your girl next to you. Roll down the windows and enjoy the country breeze while you talk about anything in the world. Put your favorite music on and have fun.

Make a campfire in your yard and invite her over

You’re not inviting her to spend the night and you aren’t inviting her to come to your place late at night, so she won’t think you’re expecting anything from her. Roast some marshmallows, play cards, drink beer, sit on a blanket and listen to music. It’s kind of the same as camping, but even better, because you’re at home and there’s a proper toilet in there.


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