5 Important Things Women Should Know About Dating Men


Lack of understanding between genders has always been the biggest problem and a relationship blocker. While women tend to think they have a solid knowledge about how to date men, the gentlemen themselves seem to disagree.

Here are 5 things women will benefit from knowing, and they all concern dating and understanding men:

Your voice is music to his ears

Scientific research on the male brain has proven that the female voice is interpreted as music during long, exhausting conversations. This extraordinary fact makes it difficult for men to understand everything you’re saying to them. They have relatively short attention spans. With this in mind, you should always get to the point quickly before his brain starts singing that tune and everything goes to waste.

Tell him what you want

When a woman tells a man she’s having a bad day, in most cases she expects him to know what to do. Unfortunately, most often men have no idea what you really want. This may result in you telling your man you’ve been having a stressful day, wishing he’d suggest a night in over a bottle of wine and candle light, but instead, he suggests you two should go out.

Then what happens? Naturally, you would think he doesn’t really care about your needs.

To avoid this, simply tell the man what you want.

He thinks silence will save him

Most women are uncomfortable with silence, and many men use this fact as a means to avoid certain unwanted topics. This usually goes like this:

– “Where were you?”

– Silence

– “Nevermind, don’t bother.”

… and then you give him the silent treatment.

Actually, this is exactly what he was hoping for – you bursting at his non responsive nature and giving him the silent treatment. This way, he doesn’t have to answer you, and you’ll start talking to him again once you’ve calmed down.

Clearly, this method doesn’t get you anywhere. Instead of letting him enjoy his silence, wait patiently for his answer. If you want to know the answer, stick to the question. Don’t get angry before you hear the answer – and if you are patient, he will realize he’s not getting out of it easily, and he’ll start talking.

Be curious, not judgmental

Men usually have a very keen sense of what their women would approve of. This is exactly how he decides what he should lie to you about. If you want to bypass this reaction, act very interested in his story – and when I say interested, I mean really interested. You want to know how his night was, did he have fun, what did he do, where did he go? You can’t wait for him to fill you in, just as you would want to hear about a friend’s night out.

Once he doesn’t hear the judgmental tone in your voice and once he thinks you’re simply interested in his story, the truth will be out.

You should give up on some apologies

Very often, women think men don’t apologize for everything they’ve done wrong, but what they don’t realize is that men often don’t even think they’ve done anything they should apologize for. It’s not that they can’t bring themselves to say the words, it’s that they don’t actually feel they’ve wronged you. Studies have shown that 81% of men do apologize if they feel they’ve done something wrong. With this in mind, you should completely give up on expecting him to apologize for doing something you thought was rude to you a few days back. He doesn’t find it harmful, and the only thing you will get is another fight.

Let him know which act has hurt your feelings instead of demanding an apology. It’s just not worth the trouble.


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