Online vs. Offline Daters…What You Didn’t Know

Around 31% of singles met their first date using an online dating site, according to a recent study.

Singles in America provided a study that says just how different are online daters from offline daters. The results might surprise you. According to this study, online daters make better partners than offline daters!

Online daters are more often full-time employed and are actually looking for a committed relationship, than offline daters. They are also allegedly more open to long-distance relationships, compared to their offline ‘colleagues’. Online daters also tend to fall in love eventually, even if they weren’t initially attracted to a person, a lot more often than offline daters.

Check out the rest of these comparisons!

Online daters make GREAT partners. They are more likely to:

  • Be employed full-time (50% vs. 38% of offline daters)
  • Be actively seeking a committed relationship (27% vs. 11% of offline daters)
  • Be interested in marriage (52% vs. 43% of offline daters)
  • Be open to long-distance relationships (30% vs. 20% of offline daters)
  • Fall in love even if they were not initially attracted (48% vs. 39% of offline daters)
  • Break up face-to-face than through technology (74% vs. 66% of offline daters)
  • Have a bachelor’s degree or more education (54%  vs. 49% of offline daters)



(Via: UpToDate)

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