6 Things Women Should Know About Dating

Every relationship is a story on its own but there are some things about dating in general you should know. Why? They will spare you a lot of headaches and heartaches.

So, let’s get straight to them:

Your Dating Status Shouldn’t Be Assumed

Many of us have been in this situation: You are dating a great guy for several months, everything is going as smoothly as possible. Your friends know about him, so does your mom. You’re probably thinking things might be getting serious. The only right thing to do in these situations is to stop and find out how he feels. It’s easy. You can just ask them if they’re seeing someone else. The conversation will flor from there and you’ll know exactly where you stand. Let’s say you’ve been dating for several months and things seem to be going well. You’ve told your friends about him, you’ve told your mom about him. You’re thinking things might get serious. This is the point where it might be a good idea to find out how HE feels about you and your relationship. A simple “Are you seeing someone else” goes a long way in clarifying the direction of your relationship.

It’s never a good idea to assume you’re in a committed relationship and that the guy has deep feelings and big plans for you. He might be awesome and that still doesn’t mean he thinks you’re “the one”. He might be seeing other girls while you’re around, he might still be searching and not ready to settle with you. ASK.


Sweet Gestures Say a Lot

If you have a guy that does little things for you out of the blue, like give you flowers or buy your favorite box of chocolates for no particular reason, you should know that he’s thinking of you very often. He also likes you a lot. This is the feeling you are looking for. It doesn’t have to be flowers or chocolates, it could be anything that shows he’s been thinking about you and, maybe more importantly, that he wants to make you smile.

If a guy never does anything sweet for you, that most often means he’s just not really that into you. If you’re in a position of HOPING your guy is thinking about you and hoping he likes you, you don’t need that guy. You should know this for a fact, at all times.

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A Man Will Not Complete You

You will not find your happy ever after by finding a man, despite what Disney might have thought all of us. It just won’t happen. You expect to just meet your Mr. Perfect and never have a fight with him, or a disagreement with his friends or his family, or ever question if this relationship is right or not. Unfortunately, all of these things do and will happen because life is far from a fairy tale.

Self-sufficiency is what you need to strive to. That’s where true happiness lives. If you can’t be perfectly happy by yourself, doing all the things you love, you won’t be happy with a man either. Chances are, you’ll make the man unhappy and you’ll both wander around wondering what happened.

Love yourself first.


Don’t Spoil the Fun

The beginning of a relationship is the most exciting part. When you’ve just begun dating someone and that crazy period of getting to know each other starts – where you have no idea where the relationship will go or what kind of feelings might develop between the two of you – don’t try to stop it. Play around, enjoy the chase. Don’t take the fun out of it by getting serious too soon. Don’t give your whole self to the guy, let him “hunt” you. He’ll love that. Let him dazzle you, let him conquest you. Get excited about how much he wants to know about you, or how much he wants to be with you. You’ll never get that moment again. Don’t spoil it by being impatient.

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Space Is Great

A confident woman is a sexy woman. A confident woman loves her life and needs her time alone, her time with the girlfriends, and her time for her passions. Men respect confident women. Space is a great thing. It means you are enjoying your own life. Co-dependency is far from sexy. The thought of a clingy woman who waits around is anything but attractive for most men.

The Beginning Says Everything

At the end of the day, the very same things that you love/hate about your partner at the beginning of a relationship – will be the things that stick all the way through the relationship. Pay attention to how he treats you at the very beginning and don’t assume he will change. That’s him, that’s your guy – the one you just started dating. Is he attentive to your needs? Does he respect your opinion? Does he make you feel beautiful and sexy? Nothing will change. Accept that and save yourself some heartaches.



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