When A City Girl Marries A Farmer


No matter if you grew up in a small town or a major city, your life most certainly differs from the life of a farmer, and it differs a lot. City girls often fell attracted to farmers, and many of them get married. They have fulfilling, loving relationships with their men, but it’s a fact marrying a farmer means the end of life as you know it.

Not only are you becoming a married woman, you are also becoming a farmer’s wife. There are some things you need to expect and be prepared for.

You are going to miss your old life

Yes, everyone who gets married has to leave their parents and their single’s way of life behind, but when a city girl marries a farmer, she needs to change everything. You are going to move away from your city, leave your job, leave all your friends behind, and of course, leave your whole family. Even if you move just an hour away, the only people you will actually know there will be your husband, his parents and a few neighbors. Of course, you will have his friends to spend time with, but all of “your people” will be gone from your everyday life, and you are going to need to accept this.

Stay in touch with your friends as much as you can, but don’t forget to give new friends a chance. Meet your neighbors, meet your husband’s friends’ wives. Give his relatives a chance to get to know you. The fact you grew up differently than most of them doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their company. Stay positive and accept the fact this is your life now – and make the most out of it.

Single-parenting for a few months each year

There’s a period of each year, approximately 3 months, when your husband is going to be so busy around the farm, he won’t have time to help you with the kids. Bear with him. You didn’t marry a plumber, you married a farmer. This is how he puts food on your table, this is how he takes care of you and the kids during those months. You might feel overwhelmed during these periods, but the rest of the year will make it all worth your while.

The weather will dictate your life

You know how you schedule a dinner with friends and no one cares if a storm is coming, it doesn’t affect the dinner at all? Well, you can forget about that once you marry your farmer. Farming is extremely time-sensitive, and if it happens there’s a storm coming, your man is going to have to work. Even if it means he has to cancel a date with friends, even if it means he has to miss a friend’s birthday party, or even if it means he has to miss your own birthday – he has to work. If he were to leave things as they were, if he didn’t prepare for a storm, everything would be ruined, and no farmer risks a year of hard work over a dinner party.

Considering these “hardships”, you might feel a farmer’s wives’ life might be too hard. It doesn’t have to be, if you play your cards right. Be prepared and accept your man for everything he is, and there’s no doubt you will get through the rough times much easier than you can imagine.


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