The Dos and Don’ts Of Dating A Farmer

When it comes to relationships, no matter who you are dating, there are certain things you should or shouldn’t do around that person. If you’re in a relationship with a farmer, you need to pay attention to several details if you want your relationship to take a smooth course.


Be patient. When texting with your farmer, you might have to wait for him to text you back. Sometimes, you might wait for hours. Texting isn’t compatible with fencing, milking or tractor driving. He might not be able to get a signal when he’s out on the field, or he might not hear the sound of your text while driving a tractor.

Sound impressed when they tell you something like: a cow just delivered a new baby, he farms XX acres, it took him 3 hours to repair the fence, etc.

Look interested when they show you a photo of anything related to their farm. It might be pictures of animals, his new vehicle, or a new farming tool he just got.

Eat like a normal person. Don’t pick your food and don’t get grossed out at the sight of some home-cooked meals that may look far from yummy.

Be careful about choosing the farmer you want to date. Agriculture is not such a big world. If you date a farmer and the relationship ends, you wouldn’t want to go on a new date with his cousin’s best friend, of his neighbor’s son.

Be honest to him and to yourself. If a relationship takes a serious course, sit down and think about the commitment you need to put into this relationship. Are you ready to devote to a farmer, do you want to have this kind of a life? Are you ok with all the things this sexy farmer of yours brings into this relationship?


Don’t expect your farmer to always be on time. You never know what’s going on: there could be a new birth on the farm, or a breakdown, or maybe some of his neighbors need help.

Don’t be judgmental about his hands. Farmers are mostly hard-skinned, very grubby and stained. This is a sign of a hardworking man, and there’s nothing you can do about it, but accept him for who he is.

Don’t be alarmed by his weapons. A farmer might own a shotgun and you might see shotgun cartridge cases and penknives every now and then. This doesn’t mean your farmer is violent, it only means he might have problems with wild animals (including birds, and you don’t want to stress over a pigeon, do you?)

Don’t get all jealous or suspicious if your farmer receives a lot of texts when he’s around you, especially in summertime. It’s not another woman, it’s probably someone from his farm.

Don’t be disappointed if he looks tired or exhausted when he comes to see you. Working for 16 hours straight will do that to a man. He is exhausted but still went out on a date with you – remember that.

Don’t complain about random tractors you see on the road, and don’t nag about how it’s their fault you’ve been stuck in traffic for an hour. No farmer wants to hear that.


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